Angry Britain

Welcome to Britain – a place where anger is all the rage. On public transport, on the roads, to our Neighbours and on holiday, anger is becoming increasingly common. This eye-opening new series features some of the most extraordinary outbursts ever caught on camera. Explosive footage filmed by bystanders and those caught up in the brouhaha reveals that people can flare up at the most trivial things. First-hand testimony from those who were there at the time explains what happened and what the trouble was all about, while controversial interviews with perpetrators and victims give the perspective from both sides of the altercation. Just what is making Britain so angry?


Season 1.0

1. Travel Rage (2014-06-05)
2. Mean Streets (2014-06-12)
3. Get Off My Land! (2014-06-19)
4. Work Rage (2014-06-26)
5. Losing It (2014-07-03)
6. Caught on Camera (2014-07-10)