Angel Tales

Mutsumi Gorou is one unlucky young man. When he was a little kid, each of his pets died from different tragic causes. Even until now, he can't seem to find the right job. The only job he had was one with a company which eventually went out of business. One day, a mysterious fortune teller called him and told him that he is definitely surrounded by bad luck. The fortune teller then gave him a cell phone, and then said that perhaps Mutsumi's luck will improve. The magical cell phone awakens all of his pets that he owned when he was a little kid, one by one, in the form of beautiful young girls.


Season 2.0

1. One Year Later (2003-03-06)
2. Welcome Home (2003-03-06)
3. Pinch! (2003-03-13)
4. Thank You! (2003-03-13)
5. Beginnings (2003-03-27)
6. Uncertainty (2003-04-03)
8. Farewell... (2003-04-10)
9. What Does (2003-04-17)
10. Reunion (2003-04-17)
11. The Feather of Gentle Love (2003-06-21)

Season 1.0